Eduardo Yanez

Charming, charismatic and motivated, Eduardo Yáñez has captivated the attention of millions of viewers worldwide as the uber-popular star of countless Mexican soap operas and films. Born in Mexico City, the athletic Yáñez grew up with dreams of playing professional football before settling into a flourishing acting career as a true leading man.

Yáñez always maintained a substantial work ethic which translated into his adult life—as a young boy he worked tirelessly to support his family. One of his many jobs was an opportunity to do a local play, which Yáñez originally did to make some extra money but quickly realized that he had a real passion for acting. It didn’t hurt that Yáñez was extremely personable, which helped not only to enhance his success with acting but people began to notice his undeniable star power. A short time later, Yáñez won a local “Heraldo” award for Best Actor for his performance in the play “Los Malditos,” which was a popular work from Spain. This was the turning point in Eduardo’s acting career, as he was inspired by this win to continue pursuing his enthusiasm for acting.

A short time later, Yáñez began work in photo novellas—(soap operas told through photographs) and from there was cast as an extra in two popular telenovelas, which laid the foundation for his burgeoning acting career. His big television break came when he was cast as famed telenovela actress Victoria Ruffo’s boyfriend in the soap opera "Quiereme Siempre.” His character, “Carlos,” tested extremely well with audiences, making him an instant fan favorite. There was virtually no stopping Yáñez.

With considerable success in the Mexican market securely under his belt, Yáñez decided to set out for Miami where he instantly began booking jobs, translating his previously established Mexican fame to U.S. audiences. He landed a coveted role in the Telemundo telenovela “Guadalupe,” which also garnered another Best Actor nod, this time in the Regional Emmy Awards.

In the U.S., Yáñez won roles in a number of English language films including STRIPTEASE (opposite Demi Moore), WILD THINGS (with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards), HELD UP (starring Jamie Foxx) and THE PUNISHER (with John Travolta). During filming, since Yáñez barely spoke English, he had to learn on the fly; often “parroting” lines fed to him off-camera in between takes. Yáñez was determined to make a lasting impression on American audiences and feverishly studied his new adopted language. In 2014 Yáñez returns to the big screen with two important roles: in a comedy starring actor James Belucci "A CHANGE OF HEART" as cousin David, and "Don Quixote de La Mancha" as one of the Mounted Brothers, alongside actor and producer James Franco.

The newly bilingual Yáñez returned to Mexico in 2005 to star in the telenovela "La Verdad Oculta.” Two years later he won another Best Actor award for his work in the incredibly popular soap, “Destilando Amor,” which also took home the award for “The Best Telenovela of the Year 2008.” “Destilando Amor,” in particular, enjoyed astronomically high ratings in countries worldwide, becoming one of the most watched telenovelas in the last 10 years. In 2013 Eduardo returns in the Telenovela "Amores Verdaderos" one of the most sold and successful Telenovelas in all countries up to date.

In 2009, Yáñez completed work alongside “Modern Family,” star Sophia Vergara on “Fuego de la Sangre,” which was the highest-rated telenovela in Univision history, garnering up to 30+ million viewers every week, a testament to Yáñez’s power as a leading man. Yáñez finished out 2009 on a high note with yet another starring role on the telenovela “Corazón Salvaje,” which was nominated nine times at the Premios TVyNovelas, the most important celebration in the world of telenovelas. Both “La Verdad Oculta” and “Fuego de la Sangre,” are currently airing every weeknight in the United States on Univision. Both telenovelas only confirmed Yáñez’s incredible popularity with audiences on a global scale.

The well-rounded Yáñez has appeared in eight theatrical plays (including several musicals), 13 soap operas, 31 movies (eight of which are in English) and is quickly becoming a force in Hollywood with new projects and endorsements in the pipeline. Yáñez resides between Mexico and Los Angeles where he spends quality time with his son, Eduardo, Jr.